Staying current with technology of the industry, while not blowing the bank on IT and technology expenses.

You are often stuck working with outdated hardware in an attempt to save money and better control the budget, but the truth is your old tools are holding you back, costing far more in the big picture with wasted time and lost productivity.

With our Hardware as a Service offering, this is no longer a concern for you. You can ensure you are running on the most current technology, and your equipment is always to date. We provide you with the hardware you need without the burden of repeated investments.

Take advantage of our innovative Hardware as a Service solution, and start getting the most out of your technology. Contact Hammett Technologies by calling (443) – 216 – 9999 or send us an email: info@hammett-tech.com.

Instead of purchasing the hardware upfront, and spending a considerable amount of money, the HaaS service allows you to get the equipment you need to maintain your competitive advantage, all for an affordable flat monthly rate. New updates are implemented on a scheduled basis, and the maintenance of the equipment is all up to us. Kind of like leasing a car, only for things like computers and servers. Not to mention that by using HaaS computer expenses shift from being a capital expense over to an operating expense, making it tax deductible.

Taking advantage of Hardware as a Service provides many benefits over traditional purchasing your computers and other hardware. These benefits include:

Reliable Technology:

  • You can always depend on your technology to perform the way you need it to, with no worry or stress involved on your end.

Always Current:

  • With new technology implemented on a regular basis you are never let to struggle with outdated tools.

Easy Budgeting:

  • Fixed costs mean you eliminate unexpected technology expenses and can easily budget for hardware costs.

Increased Flexibility:

  • Whether you are scaling back or expanding, it is easy to get the equipment you need. Scalability is not an issue with HaaS.

Fully Managed:

  • We take care of all aspects of your hardware. Monitoring, maintenance, and support are all included in the service offered.