Submitting a Ticket

  • How do I submit a ticket?
    • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to have a ticket autogenerated for you!
  • What happened when I submit a ticket? 
    • Hammett Technologies will reach back out to regarding your specified issue as quickly as possible.
  • I submitted a ticket but no longer am experiencing the issue. Can I cancel the ticket request?
    • To cancel a ticket request email support@hammett-tech.com with the subject line: Cancel Ticket Request
  • The issue I am facing is urgent! What can I do to get into immediate contact with an available agent? 
    • For all urgent issues, please call 443-216-9999 to get in contact with one of our agents.
  • What classifies as an urgent issue?
    • Examples of urgent issues are:
      • no internet access for multiple users
      • a computer has crashed and is no longer functional
      • no access to the server for multiple users


  • Can anyone other than Hammett Technologies view my ticket request? 
    • Your ticket and message are confidential and only viewed by Hammett Technologies team members. However, Hammett Technologies reserves the right to inform the appropriate management teams at Hammett Technolgoies discretion.
  • I would like to change my password. Can I submit my new password through here? 
    • DO NOT submit passwords through this form! In the event of a breach, your password could be compromised. Instead, enter your preferred phone number and state that you would like/need to change your password for “x” program
      *any password submitted through this form will not be used, and a new password will need to be created.