IT Security

IT Security

What Are The Critical IT Steps You Need To Take To

Protect Your Business?

Owning a business comes with a long list of challenges. In today’s technology-driven world, that list has slowly gotten longer. Cyber attacks and data breaches are serious threats that every business – regardless of size or type – faces. And the consequence of failing to prepare for these threats are disastrous. On top of lost productivity and lost profits, you could be hit with fines, or even lawsuits.

What can you do to stop something like this from happening to your business?

Join Hammett Technologies on Wednesday, November 16th at 7:30AM at the Sparrows Point Country Club,
919 Wise Ave., Baltimore, MD.

IT Security Expert

Hammett Technologies President Charles Hammett will be hosting a FREE networking event to discuss these concerns with local business owners, and offer valuable information to help your business stay a step ahead of cyber threats.

If you’d like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, register above by Sunday, November 13th.

Whether you’re a current business owner, or are considering starting a business in the near future, this is an event you’ll want to attend. Cybercrime is on the rise, and its perpetrators are growing bolder and more savvy. The more you know about the threat they pose, the better protected your business will be.

Looking for more information about this event, or the IT security services Hammett Technologies offers? Contact us at or (443) 216-9999. We’re the trusted IT experts for businesses in Baltimore, MD.